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WRI World Water Stress and Risk Maps and Data Set

An global but very detailed map set of world water stress and risks has recently been released by the World Resources Institute (WRI):  http://aqueduct.wri.org/atlas.

WRI Aqueduct Water Risk Data

WRI Aqueduct Water Risk Data.

The map is associated with a great deal of data in the associated “dashboard.”  This “Aqueduct” data combines 12 water risk indicators to create maps of where and how water risks may be prevalent.  An added bonus is that users can adjust the weights used in assessing risk.  The source data is available as a downloadable Esri geodatabase.  Users can also upload locations for study, and export the results to Excel.  After spending time with these data sets and maps, I found them to be easily accessible and usable both online and downloaded and used in a desktop GIS.

An article describing the map and data and the reasons behind creating them:


This is an important and much-needed resource.  How might you use it in your own work?

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