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WorldPop – Population distribution data

Last year we blogged about the AsiaPop and AfriPop projects that had been established to produce detailed and freely available population distribution maps for Asia and Africa. Last month the WorldPop project was launched, combining the AfriPop, AsisPop and AmeriPop population mapping projects into ‘a single open access archive of spatial demographic data for Central & South America, Africa and Asia for development and health application‘.

 The following free datasets can be downloaded (as a zipped GeoTiff file) from the WorldPop site:

– Population distribution datasets for African and Asian countries
– Age/sex structured population distribution datasets for Africa 2000-2015
– New 2000-2010 Asia population distribution datasets incorporating satellite-derived urban growth maps
– Births/pregnancies distribution datasets for eleven countries
– Multidimensional and consumption-based poverty rate datasets for five countries

WorldPop poverty data

WorldPop poverty data

Metadata is provided with each data download and for those interested in finding out about how the data were  produced, the methodological details are available on the WorldPop website. In the coming months additional datasets will be made available including:

– Population distribution datasets for Central & South America
– Age/sex structured datasets for Central & South America and Asia
– Births/pregnancies datasets for 75 countries
– Multiple updates on existing population rate datasets through new input data and methods


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