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ENERGIC OD – Virtual Hubs for Open Data

Over the last three years we’ve written about a few of the problems associated with some data portals, which although well-intentioned, haven’t always provided the level of access to geospatial information that they promised. Interoperability issues, interface design and a lack of on-going support have contributed to many such initiatives failing to deliver. With the experience gained from those earlier efforts and perhaps the benefit of hind-sight, new initiatives are being developed to provide better access to the plethora of public domain and open data geospatial information that is available online.

Among those new initiatives is the ENERGIC OD project (European NEtwork for Redistributing Geospatial Information to user Communities – Open Data). Launched at the end of 2014, the project aims to address some of the problems that have resulted from the evolution of disparate and heterogeneous GI systems and technologies by providing what are referred to as Virtual Hubs. These hubs will provide a single point of access to geospatial datasets, including access to INSPIRE compliant systems and Copernicus satellite and sensor data (Copernicus was previously known as GMES). The brokering framework at the centre of the solution will allow the hubs to connect to a wide range of European data sources making it easier for end users, public authorities and private organisations, and developers alike to access the data without having to resolve the interoperability and standardisation issues themselves.

ENERGIS - OD - Virtual Hubs

ENERGIS  OD – Virtual Hubs

The ENERGIC OD project will run for three years and deploy five national virtual hubs in France, Germany, Italy, Poland and Spain.



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