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OpenAddresses: A global address collection

An integral part of many successful GIS projects is access to reliable address information, providing a consistent locational context for a variety of phenomena. One such address resource is OpenAddresses, a collection of authoritative address data sources. The address data are ‘open and free to use’ and made available under both attribution and share-alike (ODbl) licences. Although not yet a global resource, for those countries where address information is available, the data sets may be downloaded as a .zip file (.csv and GDAL .vrt files).

OpenAddresses - global coverage

OpenAddresses – global coverage

Anyone interested in contributing an address dataset to the project can either submit a request to have the data added or submit the data themselves to the repository on Github.

  1. aizolnai
    September 21, 2016 at 10:49 am

    wow this is a great effort! currently struggling w an electoral database that’s a dog’s breakfast – unconventional use of FME WorkBench anyone? stay tuned! – and such an OADB would’ve been sweet… tho not the way things are going in Blighty w privatisation of GPO + missed opps to open said data (guv is open only until biz whispers into their ear)

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