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Key Global Biodiversity and Conservation Data Sources

Advances in the following two resources and the sheer volume and diversity of data they contain merit mention in this data blog and, I recommend, considering investigating as part of your own work.

  1.  The Global Biodiversity Information Facility (www.gbif.org) contains point data on an amazing number and diversity of species.  It also over 12 million research-grade  observations from the i-Naturalist citizen science using community.
  2. IUCN:  The International Union for Conservation of Nature:  You can filter and use the data with IUCN Spatial data downloads for polygon boundary layers from their data portal, at https://www.iucnredlist.org/resources/spatial-data-download.  The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™ contains global assessments for 112,432 species. More than 78% of these (>88,500 species) have spatial data.  The spatial data provided on the site are for comprehensively assessed taxonomic groups and selected freshwater groups.  The site indicates that some species (such as those listed as Data Deficient) are not mapped and that subspecies, varieties and subpopulations are mapped within the parental species. The data are in Esri shapefile format and contain the known range of each species, although sometimes the range is incomplete. Ranges are depicted as polygons, except for the freshwater HydroBASIN tables.

To use either resource, all you need is a free account.  The data sets can be combined, after which you can examine potential outliers, perform hot spot analysis, use the data in space time cubes, create habitat suitability models and risk models, and much more.

Joseph Kerski


Some of the resources available from the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF).  

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