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Open Data Institute Nodes

December 8, 2014 1 comment

The Open Data Institute (ODI), founded by Sir Tim Berners-Lee and Prof. Nigel Shadbolt, has been working collaboratively with many partners around the globe to develop a network of open data ‘Nodes‘. Nodes, which aim to bring individuals and organisations together to collaborate and promote the use open data in business, government and education, are split into three levels:

  • Country: Independent NGOs building national centres of excellence, working across public and private sectors, NGOs, educational institutions and other Nodes within a country.
  • City or Regional: Deliver projects, and can provide training, research, and development. For example, ODI Dubai, ODI Chicago, and ODI North Carolina, ODI Paris, ODI Trento, ODI Brighton, ODI Manchester, ODI Leeds.
  • Communications: Promoting global open data case studies. For example ODI Moscow, ODI Buenos Aires and ODI Gothenburg.

Although not a data portal, the ODI provides a variety of resources for those work with open data, including research into how open data is used, how it is published and how to certify open data. Given the current plethora of data sites and portals, not all of which are well thought out and useful as we have commented before on this blog, this invaluable resource of data trends and issues provides many useful references for those working with the various types of open data, including location based data. For example, a recent blog post from ODI North Carolina discussed how important quality is for open data.

It is always helpful for others who are considering working with open data, or who are in the process of collecting and publishing open data, to benefit from the experiences of others. Given the ease with which data can be published online these days, the next challenges are to provide data that are easy to find, well documented, current, accurate and ultimately ….. useful. As Charlie Ewen (UK Met Office) remarked, ‘Digital isn’t done once you have a website’.