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Ordnance Survey OpenData Masterclass

December 16, 2013 1 comment

In 2010 Ordnance Survey GB made available a number of medium- and small-scale vector and raster datasets (OS OpenData) for free that, subject to acknowledgement of copyright and the conditions set out in the OS OpenData licence, could be used commercially, adapted and copied as required. To assist end users in making the most of this resource, Ordnance Survey has been offering a number of masterclass workshops for a cross section of spatial data users including developers, government organisations and community groups. The material from the masterclass workshops are now available online as a series of self-paced workbooks covering:

  • Getting started with OS OpenData
  • Getting started with OS OpenSpace (web mapping service)
  • Styling OS OpenData vector products
OpenData masterclass

OS OpenData Masterclass

Ordnance Survey has also provided a showcase of applications to highlight some of the potential uses of the data.