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Free volcanic eruptions database published

April 8, 2013 Leave a comment

The Volcano Global Risk Identification and Analysis Project (VOGRIPA) recently announced the release of the LaMEVE (Large Magnitude Explosive Volcanic Eruptions) database. VOGRIPA, a component of the Global Volcano Model international collaboration, aims to provide freely available, sustainable and accessible information on volcanic hazard and risk. The data has been contributed by a number of organisations, including the Smithsonian Institute and the Geological Survey of Japan, and contains information on nearly 3,000 volcanoes and more than 1,800 eruption records of magnitude four or greater, dating back to the start of the Quaternary period.

The eruptions database is publicly available on-line, hosted by the British Geological Survey, and may be queried using spatial and attributes tools.


The results may be downloaded in spreadsheet, csv or tab delimited file format.

The database has been developed to support research into global, regional and local patterns of volcanic activity to improve hazard assessment and risk analysis. The information provided should also useful for emergency response and crisis management teams in the event of an eruption.